Eastern Florida State College Priority Application Deadlines

Spring Term 2020

Nov. 18, 2019: For classes starting Jan. 13, 2020
Jan. 21, 2020: For classes starting Feb. 10, 2020
Feb. 18, 2020: For classes starting March 9, 2020
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Summer Term 2020

April 20, 2020: For classes starting May 18, 2020
May 21, 2020: For classes starting June 15, 2020
June 8, 2020: For classes starting June 29, 2020
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Eastern Florida State College has a rolling admissions process, which means we accept new students year-round and will gladly process your application at any time. Applying by the priority deadline, then completing any admissions follow-up requirements in a timely way, helps you move to the course registration phase sooner when more classes are available. Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be accepted and processed in the order in which they were received. A non-refundable late registration fee will be assessed to all students registering in a term after the first published fee due date. Students will be assessed a one-time, per semester, $50 late registration fee for initial registration or adding courses during this time.


Admissions & Records Offices

Cocoa: Building 11
FAX 321-433-7102

Melbourne: Building 1
FAX 321-433-5770

Palm Bay: Building 1
FAX 321-433-5346

Titusville: Building 3
FAX 321-433-5115