The EFSC Honors Program

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Honors Courses Offered Online, Hybrid & On-Campus starting Spring Term 2024

Welcome to the Honors Program, a community of high-achieving students dedicated to excellence, intellectual curiosity, and personal growth. Our program is designed to provide you with a challenging and enriching academic experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. 

Why join the Honors Program? 

Academic Excellence: Our Honors Program offers a specially curated curriculum with a flexible schedule designed to deepen your knowledge, stimulate your critical thinking, and encourage innovative problem-solving. Starting in Spring 2024, honors students can choose from face-to-face, fully online, or hybrid courses that combine both styles! You will have the opportunity to engage in advanced coursework, participate in research projects, and work closely with our distinguished faculty who are experts in their fields. 

Personalized Learning Experience: We understand that each student is unique, and our program is designed to cater to your individual interests and career goals. You'll receive personalized academic advising, have the opportunity to participate in specialized workshops, and be part of a supportive community that will help you grow both personally and academically. 

Opportunities for Leadership and Growth: As a member of our Honors Program, you will have various opportunities to develop your leadership skills, participate in community service projects, and engage in extracurricular activities that will enhance your college experience and prepare you for future career success. 

Competitive Edge: Graduating from our Honors Program will give you a competitive edge in the job market and in transfer school applications. Employers and transfer schools seek candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence, and our program will provide you with the skills and experiences necessary to stand out from the crowd. 

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Honors Admissions Criteria & How to Apply


Campus Honors Advisors

Cocoa: Jacquelyn Poitier-French

Melbourne: Cheryl Voors

Palm Bay: Debbie Sanders

Titusville: Zack Rockwell

Apply Now for the Honors Program

The Honors Program application is a saveable, writable PDF form that can be downloaded and filled out on your device. Once completed, submit the application and any supporting documents to the "Honors" office in the Student Document Dropbox available after logging into the myEFSC Portal.

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