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Thank you for your commitment to creating a safer environment for students, staff, faculty and the community at large. In contributing to violence prevention efforts across each campus, you are helping others to understand that power-based personal violence affects everyone and will not be tolerated at Eastern Florida State College. A supplement to Green Dot Bystander Training, the following resources outline strategies for incorporating the Green Dot Initiative into your daily routine.

Student Affairs & Campus Engagement

Primarily designed for individuals involved in Student Life,  this toolkit provides practical and adaptable methods for spreading the green dot, in the process establishing campus norms that are intolerant of violence.

Faculty: Classroom Resources

Consider integrating the Green Dot into your course curriculum or lesson plans using this handy toolkit. Essay topics, projects and extra credit assignments are some of the approaches faculty can use to promote more green dots. 

Faculty, Staff & Administration

Anyone who interacts with individual students, student organizations and athletics teams should take advantage of this toolkit, which presents a variety of additional strategies for growing and expanding the Green Dot movement on Eastern Florida campuses.

For questions about the Green Dot program, visit the national Green Dot website, or contact Barbara Kennedy at