About the Green Dot Initiative

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Green Dot is a national effort built on the premise that we can measurably and systematically reduce violence within any given community.

The effort was founded on the belief that current research across disciplines, in combination with lessons learned from history, provides nearly all of the necessary puzzle pieces to create a successful model of violence prevention. Given this foundation of knowledge, we believe any group, committed to equipping themselves with the necessary skills and willing to let go of historically ineffective approaches, has the capacity to implement a successful violence prevention strategy.

Though the primary mission of Green Dot, etc. is the reduction of power-based personal violence, the effort also recognizes the inextricable link between effective prevention and effective intervention. The mission includes a dedication to strengthening intervention services and strategies across all forms of violence.

What started as a program on one college campus in 2006, spread nationwide and in 2017 Green Dot expanded its mission and adopted the new name Alteristic for its parent organization. Alteristic embraces its role as a social accelerator, aimed at capitalizing on inherent human good to lead to positive change.

Green Dot at Eastern Florida State College is partially funded by the Florida Department of Health in partnership with The Women's Center in Brevard.

Learn more about Green Dot at Alteristic's national program website