Green Dot Bystander Intervention

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Eastern Florida State College believes that preventing power based violence is a responsibility of our entire community.

We are part of the national Green Dot initiative to educate and equip individuals with the skills and resources that they need to reduce violence and to make the world a safer place.

Green dots represent any choice, word, attitude or behavior that promotes safety and communicates our intolerance of violence.

Red dots are the real or potential acts of violence that take place in our communities every day. Through our green dot actions, we can replace the moments of violence with moments of support and safety.

EFSC offers Green Dot bystander intervention workshops with sessions held on all four EFSC Campuses.

You can also support the Green Dot national initiative on social media through #LiveTheGreenDot


Next Steps and Info

Learn about Bystander Training Sessions

If you have questions about Green Dot:
Barbara Kennedy, 321-433-5591

Watch: Green Dot Lip Sync Challenge
faculty, staff and students in a circle as part of Green dot lip sync challenge

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