How to Access Service-Learning Assistance via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of your Outlook 365 student email package, so every EFSC student has access to Teams for free. EFSC Center for Service-Learning staff will be available virtually in Teams to advise students and accept documentation paperwork between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Thursday.

Follow the steps below to enter and navigate the Center for Service-Learning virtual environment. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your web browser.

Click to Access the Service-Learning Team

1. Once you've clicked the Service-Learning Team link, it will prompt you to open Microsoft Teams. Choose to open it through the web app unless you have downloaded the desktop app.

Microsoft teams first screen

2. If prompted, follow the steps to log in to your Outlook 365 student email account and wait while your device enters into the virtual Service-Learning area. (Here's a reminder on email log-in if you need it.) 

Please note: If you were already logged in to your Outlook 365 student email account when you clicked the link, just wait while it redirects you to the Teams area.

Small writing suject join box

3. The first time visiting, you'll need to join the Service-Learning team by clicking the blue "Join" button in the small pop-up box.  You can also hover over the team you want to join on the dashboard and click the "Join" button that will appear.

If the dashboard is not showing when you log in, click the "Join or create a team" button next to the small gear icon, and that will show Teams you can join.

join or create team button

4. Once inside the Service-Learning Team, be sure you are in the "General" channel, and use the chat bar at the bottom to start a new conversation and ask for assistance. For example, type "I'm here to discuss a Service-Learning form." If there's a specific person you'd like to work with, include that request in your chat.

Teams chat bar showing where to type a student's "get started" message 

5. A Service-Learning staff member will reply and move the conversation to a private chat to discuss the options with you, which includes scheduling a private meeting inside Teams. If you so choose, you can either video or audio call right inside Teams. Remember that Teams is part of your Outlook 365 package, so you'll want to check your Titan student email account frequently for any messages related to a virtual Team.

Tutor Private Chat

6. If your session requires you to share a document: To submit your documentation as an attachment while on a call, you must first open the chat box. To open the chat, click the button along the bottom that looks like a text bubble.

Tutor Sending Assignments

7. After you open the chat, click on the paperclip icon at the bottom of the chat box to open the file explorer within your computer. Go to the folder in your computer where the file is located, then double click on the file to attach it to the chat.

8. Once you've joined one or more Teams, you can click the "Teams" button in the blue navigation bar if needed to show the dashboard with your teams — then click the box you want to open.

Microsoft Teams navigation bar with Teams link

9. Here is what the dashboard will look like once you have joined the Service-Learning team (and perhaps another team for tutoring). It's easy to move from team to team by clicking the boxes.

Teams dashboard

The Service-Learning staff looks forward to seeing you online!