Service-Learning Forms for Students

This is your one-stop shop for all of the forms you need to participate in Service-Learning. Check with your instructor for their specific requirements, and you can keep track of deadlines and events by viewing the Service-Learning Calendar or this printable important dates PDF. To ensure you view the most recent version of each EFSC form, we recommend you refresh your browser window after opening the form or clear your browser's cache. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

You may submit forms in-person or to the following email accounts:

All email communication with the Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement must be conducted via your Titan student email account.

Student Applications

Students only need to apply to the CSLCE once. If you have participated in Service-Learning before, contact the CSLCE to update your information or check the status of your Service-Learning file. Students new to Service-Learning must fill out an application one of two ways:

Use Online Application

Download: PDF Application (print, fill out, and return to the CSLCE)

Release from Liability Form

The CSLCE must have a Release from Liability on file before we’re able to accept any Service-Learning hours. Students will complete this form when they visit the office for the first time, either to register as a new student or to reactivate their file. You must complete a new Release from Liability form each term and have a separate release on file for each volunteer placement site.

Download: Release from Liability Form

Placement Confirmation Form & SHOAT Criteria

After you’ve chosen a volunteer placement site, complete and submit a Placement Confirmation Form to ensure that the site is approved and the hours you serve there will be recorded on your academic transcript. You should submit your placement confirmation BEFORE you begin volunteering at a site, and you must submit a separate placement confirmation for each site where you plan to volunteer.  

Not sure if your placement site is approved? Read the SHOAT Criteria for more about volunteer hours and approved placement sites.

Download: Placement Confirmation Form 

Download: SHOAT Criteria (Virtual)

Download: SHOAT Criteria (In-Person)

First Impressions Survey

Please take a moment to tell us how your experience with Service-Learning has been so far.

Online Survey: First Impressions

SHOAT Hour Log Form

Student volunteers track their service hours using a SHOAT Hour Log Form. Students should ask their site supervisor/volunteer coordinator to verify hours each week and to complete the volunteer evaluation at the end of the student’s service commitment. Submit copies of the completed form to your EFSC instructor (if you’re volunteering for course credit) and to the CSLCE.

Download: SHOAT Hour Log Form

Multiple SHOAT Hour Log Form

Students who are volunteering at more than one placement site during the same semester may choose to track their hours using the Multiple SHOAT Hour Log Form. Remember that students must submit a separate Placement Confirmation Form for each volunteer placement site.

Download: Multiple SHOAT Hour Log Form

Mid-Semester Progress Report

Some instructors require students to submit a Mid-Semester Progress Report to evaluate the student’s performance at the placement site. Contact your instructor to see if they require this form.

Download: Mid-Semester Progress Report

4th/5th Credit Related

Students taking 4th/5th Credit Option courses are required to complete the 4th/5th Credit Contract with their instructor and the CSLCE. The 4th/5th Credit Contract Checklist is designed to assist you.

Download: 4th/5th Credit Contract

Download: 4th/5th Credit Contract Checklist

Download: 4th/5th Credit Contract Overview PDF

You can also visit our courses web page to learn more about the 4th/5th Credit Option and other Service-Learning courses.

Service-Learning Instructors

More than 150 EFSC instructors offer service learning as a course component. View the current term's instructor list. (Please refresh after opening the PDF to clear your cache and ensure you're seeing the most current list.)

Student Survey

Feedback from student volunteers helps us and our community partners make your service experience more enjoyable, effective, and beneficial to EFSC students. Please check with your instructor to confirm whether surveys are required for your course. All responses are anonymous.

Online Survey: Student Questionnaire

Download: Student Questionnaire (alternate to the online version above; you only need to complete one or the other)

Scholarship Applications

If you have documented a minimum of 75 hours of service and have at least a 2.5 GPA, you're eligible to apply for a Service-Learning scholarship. There are currently two scholarships available:

Online Application: Outstanding Student Humanitarian Scholarship Application

Online Application: On-Campus/Community Service Scholarship Application