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Improve Online Student Success: Quality Enhancement Plan

Eastern Florida State College’s mission statement is to engage “our diverse population in quality, accessible learning opportunities that successfully meet individual and community needs.” To fulfill that mission, the College, among other key elements, offers undergraduate studies and Associate Degrees for students pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree delivered in traditional face-to-face classes, partially online (hybrid) classes, and online classes.

The College’s 2024-2029 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), “Rocket to Success: Taking Online Learning to New Heights" targets online classes by infusing evidence-based best practices in online education to increase student preparation and support and faculty professional development for online success in furtherance of the College mission.

Eastern Florida State College’s QEP grew organically out of the College’s ongoing, comprehensive strategic planning and assessment practices, involving collaboration among College stakeholders (including faculty, staff, and administration); leveraging of existing resources and personnel; and review of relevant literature, best practices, and data provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research.

A collegewide SACS QEP Launch meeting in March 2022 officially kicked off the QEP planning cycle with a brainstorming session comprised of faculty, staff, and administration. Subsequently, a collegewide QEP Leadership Team and associated QEP Goals Committees began meeting in the Fall 2022 semester. The group also branded the QEP as "Rocket to Success: Taking Online Learning to New Heights."

Through this process, three QEP interventions or goals have been identified over a five-year timeframe. The QEP Leadership Team and Goals Committees have also identified strategies and multiple direct and indirect outcome measures for each goal to assess the impact of the QEP on online student success.

The goals are as follows:

  • Improve Student Preparation for Online Learning.
  • Enhance Course Design and Delivery in Online Learning.
  • Foster a Care Community for Online Learning.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Phil Simpson, Dean & QEP Co-Chair, simpsonp@easternflorida.edu

Mr. Andrew Lieb, Collegewide Chair and QEP Co-Chair, lieba@easternflorida.edu