Resources for Sexual Misconduct/Assault Victims

In addition to the EFSC Campus Security offices and the College's sexual misconduct grievance process, victims of sexual assault or any form of sexual misconduct, such as domestic violence, can reach out to any of the resources listed below. You can also view EFSC's 2020-21 Title IX and Victim Resource Guide.

Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAVS)

SAVS is a certified rape crisis program operated by the Women's Center of Brevard to provide. SAVS provides free and confidential victim advocacy and counseling services to sexual assault victims and their loved ones.

SAVS advocates are specially trained to assist victims with understanding options about reporting the crime, obtaining heath care after the assault, obtaining forensic exams, understanding their rights, and provide referrals to community partners. Victim advocates also provide support with navigating the criminal and civil justice systems, and assist victims who choose to report their assault with completing crime victim compensation applications.

SAVS advocates are available 24 hours a day to provide crisis intervention services. Advocates can provide emotional support via the 24-hour helpline, accompany survivors to a sexual assault forensic examination, as well as attend interviews with law enforcement and court hearings. The SAVS program operates a stand-alone forensic exam center and can also dispatch victim advocates to any local hospital to provide support during forensic evidence collection.

To contact SAVS, call the Women's Center SAVS 24-hour Rape Helpline at 321-784-HELP (4357).

EFSCares Student Counseling Service

As part of a College partnership with Gee Resolutions, EFSCares is a free, confidential student counseling service available to all part- and full-time enrolled students. Simply call the phone number, 321-631-8569, and identify yourself as an EFSC student, and the Gee Resolutions staff will connect you to a licensed and/or certified professional who will assess your personal situation and schedule you for additional counseling sessions as needed.

EFSC students are eligible to receive unlimited free telephone assessments and up to six free, individual face-to-face counseling sessions per year. It's part of our commitment to show you that all of us at EFSC care about students. EFSC does not track your information. This is a private, confidential service designed to help you when you need it most.

Community Resources
Women's Center SAVS 24-Hour Rape Hotline 321-784-4357
Women's Center Domestic Violence Hotline  321-607-6809 
Salvation Army Domestic Violence Hotline 321-631-2764
 Serene Harbor Domestic Violence Hotline 321-726-8282
Domestic Violence Resources Website  
2-1-1 Brevard Information Line 321-632-6688
Women's Center of Brevard 321-242-3110
Circles of Care 321-722-5200
Brevard County Legal Aid 321-631-2500
EFSCares Free Counseling Service 321-631-8569