EFSC Proctored Exam Information

A proctored exam is a test administered by an authorized individual known as a proctor who supervises the student while he or she is taking the test. The proctor’s function is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam in a secure testing environment. Eastern Florida Online courses may have proctored exam requirements as determined by the instructor. Please review the course syllabus for details.

In-person academic proctored exams for EFSC classes at an EFSC Assessment Center are only available if an instructor arranges an exception based on accommodations for students with disabilities or if the instructor of an on-campus EFSC class arranges a make-up exam for an on-campus student. Review the "SAIL Students" tab below for more details on test scheduling for qualifying SAIL students. On-campus students will receive further instructions about the approval and scheduling process from the EFSC Assessment Center staff once their teacher arranges a proctored make-up exam. Students from outside institutions may schedule an in-person proctored exam for a fee on a space-available basis following the process in the "Non-EFSC Students" tab.

EFSC has licensed Honorlock, a third-party proctoring tool that instructors can connect to exams. For more information about this online tool, please refer to the "Honorlock" tab in the box below. EFSC is offering limited access to select campus Computer Lab locations if an EFSC student needs to use a computer, with a camera and the other technical requirements to take an online proctored exam that you have scheduled for an EFSC class. See the "Computer Access" tab below for more details for EFSC students only.

Important Notice: Eastern Florida State College has a legitimate interest in ensuring academic integrity. A student may receive academic and/or disciplinary sanctions resulting from an act of academic dishonesty as defined by the EFSC Student Code of Conduct and/or the instructor syllabus. In addition, EFSC requires that any online proctored exams include the room scan feature to be enabled by the instructor. This means that students who take any online class that requires online exam proctoring through third-party software will be expected to perform a scan of the test-taking workspace and environment prior to the exam. Enrollment in such classes constitutes the student’s acceptance of and consent to any such room scan. EFSC offers limited access to select campus Computer Lab locations if an EFSC student needs to use a computer, with a camera and the other technical requirements to take an online proctored exam. (See the Computer Access tab below).

EFSC Assessment Centers offer in-person EFSC academic testing, including proctored exams, for students with SAIL accommodations approved through EFSC's Student Access for Approved Learning (SAIL) office.

Once an instructor's test request is approved, a student's exam will become available for scheduling in the EFSC RegisterBlast online system. Students should work closely with their instructor to determine the Campus where they wish to take the exam, and then use the RegisterBlast scheduling link for that Campus. Students must register, reschedule, or cancel their appointments more than 48 hours in advance to ensure that a Testing and Assessment services proctor can be available. If it is less than two days before the appointment, only an instructor can contact the department about making changes to a course's scheduled appointment. Students will be supplied detailed information via email about the in-person testing process and what items are allowed in the test location.

Test Center Locations for SAIL Student In-Person Exams
  • Cocoa Campus Assessment Center (CCAC): Building 1, Rooms 116-120, 321-433-7694
  • Melbourne Campus Assessment Center (MCAC): Building 10, Room 218, 321-433-5879
  • Palm Bay Assessment Center (PBCAC): Building 2, Room 235, 321-433-5229
  • Titusville Campus Assessment Center (TCAC): Building 1, Room 115, 321-433-7502