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COVID-19 Related Changes to Proctored Exam Process


In-person academic proctored exams with EFSC proctors for EFSC classes and any other institutions remain suspended as an on-campus option at EFSC Assessment Centers. Adjustments have also been made to the process for accessing an online proctored exam, so students should check with their instructors and review the information below this box as well. If a proctored exam is required, EFSC has made an arrangement with the third-party online service ProctorU to offer proctored testing for face-to-face courses that moved online. For more information about the types of proctoring services and associated fees, please refer to the ProctorU information in the box at the bottom of the page.

For EFSC students who lack the equipment needed to take an online proctored exam:

While online proctored exams taken on an EFSC student's own device are available and most convenient, limited on-campus access for an EFSC student to take an online proctored exam is available. Students can use computers set up for secure proctoring in the Campus Computer Lab locations listed in the tabbed box below. In most cases, access at the days and times listed is on a first-come, first-serve basis so please plan accordingly when relying on an on-campus computer for an online proctored exam. Only the Melbourne location requires an appointment for access to the lab.

First-Come, First Serve Access

Building 5, Rm. 134 (Two computers: #13 & #17)
Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 8 PM

Building 12 (Library), Rm. 218 (One Computer)
Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 5 PM


EFSC Proctored Exam Information

A proctored exam is a test administered by an authorized individual who supervises the student while he or she is taking the test. The authorized individual is known as a proctor. The proctor’s function is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam in a secure testing environment. eLearning courses may have proctored exam requirements as determined by the instructor. Please review the course syllabus for details.

((On-campus proctored exams with an EFSC proctor are suspended due to COVID. Online proctored academic exams are available using ProctorU as explained below. EFSC is offering limited access to select campus Computer Lab locations if an EFSC student needs to use a computer, with a camera and the other technical requirements to take an online proctored exam that you have scheduled for an EFSC class. See the Red Box for locations and other details.   View more on testing access during COVID.))

  • Cocoa Campus Assessment Center (CCAC), Cocoa Campus, Building 1, Rooms 116-120, 321-433-7694
  • Melbourne Campus Assessment Center (MCAC), Melbourne Campus, Building 10, Room 218, 321-433-5879
  • Palm Bay Assessment Center - Temporarily Closed
  • Titusville Learning Lab & Assessment Center - Temporarily Closed

Outside/External Institution Proctored Testing

Click here to download the External Institution Exam Request form. The form contains additional information about the process and fees plus will answer many of your questions about an exam related to a non-EFSC course taken through an outside institution. After completing the downloaded form, save it, attach it to an email and send to the email address on the form. The External Testing Office will contact you.

EFSC Courses Proctored Exam Scheduling Process

Honorlock proctoring tool

Honorlock is a third-party proctoring tool that instructors can connect to exams. Student will need to use the Google Chrome browser and install the Honorlock extension before being able to take a test connected to the service. Students will need a webcam. This service is not available on mobile devices.

Video: How to use Honorlock for Tests in Canvas

Video: How to use Honorlock with third-party exams (exam is located on a site outside of Canvas)

Honorlock FAQ

View the Honorlock page in the Canvas Student Resources course (help icon in Canvas) for more information.

ProctorU proctoring services

ProctorU is a third-party proctoring service that allows you to take proctored exams online from anywhere using a webcam and a high-speed Internet connection. Testing with ProctorU has a fee structure based on the exam length and type of proctoring service being used.

  • ProctorU Live+: For an exam of 60 minutes or less, the fee is $16.50. Fees for longer exams are $20 for 61-120 minutes, $25 for 121-180 minutes, and $25 for 181 minutes or more.
  • ProctorU Review+: $10
  • ProctorU Record+: $6

For additional information visit the ProctorU website for test takers.

  • Go to the ProctorU website, view the "10 Tips to Get Started video" in the What to Expect section, and follow on-screen instructions to create a ProctorU account.
  • Verify instructor has posted exam information to ProctorU website.
  • Access the ProctorU website to schedule your appointment (if applicable) to take proctored exam and pay applicable fees.