COVID-19 Update: EFSC's Fall Commencement will be virtual, celebrated Dec. 17 online and with drive-through celebrations on each Campus. Spring Term 2021 Classes are open for registration, with plans to increase on-campus courses through expanded Hybrid offerings, with class size limits and safety measures remaining in place to protect against COVID-19. View more details & FAQ. To support Fall Term courses and Spring Term planning, select services are available on campus, with prior appointments required in most cases and facial coverings and social distancing requirements in place. See the Student Services Guide.

COVID-19-Related Safety Protocols at EFSC

Under the College’s COVID-19 Reopening Plan, everyone visiting an Eastern Florida State College Campus is required to wear a mask or other protective face covering inside all EFSC buildings and classrooms. Masks or face coverings are not required outside of campus buildings unless social distancing recommendations of at least six feet of separation cannot be met.

We appreciate your support and compliance with the requirement, which helps to protect the health and well-being of the EFSC community and supports the effort to allow for safe, on-campus student services appointments and in-person classes.

If you arrive on campus and do not have a mask, you can stop at the Security Office on each campus, and they will give you a mask to wear.

If you cannot wear a face covering for medical or other reasons, please contact our SAIL Office to request an accommodation. The Student Access for Improved Learning (SAIL) team will work with you on the approval process so you could return to campus after an accommodation is approved.

Under the EFSC Student Code of Conduct, students agree to obey reasonable orders of College officials, including health and safety requirements related to COVID-19. Refusal to wear a facial coverings or comply with other safety protocols could be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Remember, the goal of the safety protocols is to avoid disease spread and keep campuses open, so it's in everyone's best interest to comply.

In addition to the facial covering requirement, you will encounter other safety protocols on campus under the COVID-19 Reopening Plan.

Employees who must accept physical paperwork and/or review identification directly, such as cashiers, admissions staff or security officers, must wear disposable gloves when completing these tasks and shall discard the gloves after each interaction to avoid transferring contaminants from one student to another.

Students handling their own paperwork will not be required to wear gloves during the transaction, provided the documents being handed to students were not previously handled by ungloved employees within the past seven days.

Students, faculty and staff shall wear gloves in specialized classroom environments, such as those for public safety training, health sciences education or workforce training, in which social distancing recommendations cannot be consistently followed. Examples include defensive tactics during a law enforcement course, working as a team on a health care mannequin or training that requires individuals to touch one another or share a piece of equipment.

Disposable, latex-free gloves provided by the College will be available in classroom settings as needed and at each designated workstation requiring the hands-on review of documents received directly from the public.

You can review FAQ pages about the Reopening Plan for additional details. Thank you for helping us keep our campuses safe and open during this pandemic.