Credit for Licensure, Certifications or Third Party Training through Articulated Agreements

Are you eligible for college credit that could save you time and money? Students who possess current industry certifications, licensures, specified training, career and technical certificates (CTC) (formerly known as post-secondary adult vocational (PSAV) certificates) and/or applied technology diplomas (ATD) may be eligible to receive free college credit in various Associate in Science (AS) programs. Click to view EFSC's current state-approved articulated credit agreements and you can explore specific categories below. You also can learn more about statewide articulation agreements at the Florida Department of Education website — plus the American Council on Education (ACE) also has an online listing of approved licensures, certificates or educational experiences that may transfer to EFSC. Brevard Public School students may also be eligible for college credits in select Career and Technical Programs through Advance Standing Credits under EFSC's High School Articulated credit agreements.

Industry Certifications
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Credit may be awarded when a credential or a license is broadly recognized in the industry or in the career area and the student has demonstrated experience in the field. Competency-based credit pertains to specific national or state credentials or licenses as reviewed and agreed upon by college faculty and administration. Students who hold current industry certifications may be eligible to receive college credit in the related career program. Specific industry certification agreements identify the equivalent college credit.

Career and Technical (CTC) Certificates & Applied Technology Diplomas (ATD)
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Career and Technical (CTC) certificate and Applied Technology Diploma (ATD) programs consist of a series of courses that prepare students for entry level employment in specific career fields. Students who have earned a CTC (formerly known as a PSAV) certificate or an ATD, and are continuing their education in a related AS degree program, may be eligible to earn college credit via state mandated articulated agreements.

Third Party Agreements, Industry Exams & Licensure
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EFSC may award credit for industry training or licensure provided by external agencies for designated programs. Agreements have been created between external agencies and the College. These agreements include in-house training by local employers with the equivalent college credit identified.

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