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Dual Enrollment Students - Registration in 5 Easy Steps

Use this virtual process during the COVID pandemic and be sure to check your Titan Email as that's how EFSC advisors will contact you. They may also try to call you so be sure to answer your phone and check voicemail. You can also view this alternate registration process as a step-by-step flyer.

1. Your High School Completes the Dual Enrollment Registration Form (Form 1)
  • EFSC Sample Dual Enrollment Registration FormYour high school counselor fills out the EFSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form with selected courses (Example: ENC 1101). Click the image to be sure what Form 1 looks like.
  • The counselor should include alternate courses in the event a course is full.
  • The counselor signs or types in the counselor and principal signatures, and scans the form and sends it to you.
    Note: If applicable, the counselor should include approved alternative readiness measures used for course placement in place of suspended college credit placement testing.
2. Get Parent/Guardian Approval & Signature
  • Get your parent or guardian to sign the Dual Enrollment Registration form. Signatures can be typed in electronically or signed and the form scanned.
3. Student Completes the Add/Drop Registration Planning Form (Form 2)
  • Download the EFSC Add/Drop Planning form. It's a writable/savable form and should be downloaded and saved to your computer before filling in the blanks.
  • Use the Class Schedule Search to find when sections of your selected courses are available and the course registration number (CRN) of each section.
  • Dual Enrollment students must take 16-week courses. Only Early Admission students may take 12-week courses.
  • Enter the course prefix, number, section and Course Registration Number (CRN) on the Add/Drop Form.
  • Identify alternate selections with their CRN numbers in case your selected class isn't available.
  • Make note of the course locations and times to ensure they suit your high school schedule.
    Note: ENC 1101 is the course number, not the “course REGISTRATION number”. There are many ENC 1101 course offerings available. A CRN is a 5-digit number.
4. Sign the EFSC Add/Drop Planning Form in the Student Signature Fields
  • Your signature is required on pages one and two and can be typed in electronically.
    Mr. Titan holding a stop sign

    Document Checklist

At this point, you should have two completed and signed forms saved. Be sure you have your TWO documents ready to upload. Incorrect and blank student forms are the most common hold up for dual enrollment registration. Let's check for accuracy.

Form 1: EFSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form

  • Is the course prefix and number included? (Example: ENC 1101)
  • Do you have four signatures including the high school counselor, principal, parent and yours? (They can be typed in if needed).

Form 2: EFSC Add/Drop Registration Planning Form

  • Did you sign on pages 1 and 2 in the Student Signature fields? (can be typed in)
  • Are courses listed with course prefix, number, section and CRN?
  • Was it saved properly? Check your saved documents and ensure your text is there.
  • Do you have alternate courses listed in the event your course is full?
5. Log in to myEFSC & Upload to the Student Document Dropbox
Female student in pink shirt walking in front of Campus Building
  • Log in to myEFSC (Need login assistance? See the Online Quick Reference Guide)
  • Scroll down to the Student Document Dropbox section.
  • Click "Choose File" and this will prompt a window to access the file location on your computer.
  • Navigate to the file on your computer, select it and click open.
  • Under "Send To:" click the drop-down arrow for "Select Office" and choose "Advising."
  • Click upload and your file is sent to the Advising team for review.

What's Next?

Check your Email: If a selected course or alternatives aren't available, or there is missing information, the EFSC advisor will contact you via Titan email, or by phone. The EFSC advisor will be unable to register you until the issue is resolved so it is your responsibility to check your Titan email and voicemail. As your documents are processed, comments might also be made directly in the document drop box - check there as well.

Check your schedule: If you would like a copy of your schedule, you may print a copy by logging in to myEFSC, select EFSC Titan Web > Student Services > Registration > Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule by Day and Time.