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Dual Enrollment Virtual/Remote Registration Process

Dual Enrollment Registration Process for BPS Students During the COVID-19 Outbreak

STUDENTS MUST CHECK THEIR TITAN EMAIL DURING THIS PROCESS. This is how EFSC college advisors will contact students! EFSC advisors may also attempt to reach students by phone so students should also check their voicemail.

    1. BPS student works with the high school counselor to select dual enrollment course(s). Students should check with their high school for each school's remote advising process during COVID-19 closures. Flexibility on the form is essential at this time.  
    2. Counselor fills out the Dual Enrollment Registration form and completes the counselor and principal signature lines. Important Note: Be sure the form includes approved alternative readiness measures used for course placement in place of suspended college credit placement testing, if applicable. Signatures can be typed in electronically or signed and the form scanned.
    3. Counselor emails the completed Dual Enrollment Registration Form to the student. The email will include the EFSC advisor name and email address for that high school. (See EFSC Advising Contact list for assigned EFSC advisor.)
    4. Student and Parent fill in the signature lines on the Dual Enrollment Registration Form. (Signatures can be typed in or the PDF form can be printed, signed and scanned. If you need a free program to open the PDF, visit the Adobe Acrobat site for the free "Reader" version of Acrobat.)
    5. Student must also fill out the Add/Drop Registration Planning Form (this is a writable/saveable form that should be downloaded and saved so the student can fill it out electronically. Make certain you save the information you type in the form. It is best to do this by saving a version of the form renamed with a file name that includes your first and last name.) Be sure to fill out the CRN, Course Subject, Course Number, Section and Course Title. The student’s signature is required on the front and on the back of the form, which can be typed in. (If the student has questions, the student should email or call the EFSC advisor.)
    6. Student needs to save both the Dual Enrollment Registration Form and the Add/Drop Planning Form as PDFs so they can be uploaded into the EFSC Student Document Dropbox. (Reminder: Double check that you have saved versions of the forms with your information typed in the form fields).
    7. Student submits both the Dual Enrollment Registration Form and the Add/Drop Planning Form to EFSC to register by using the EFSC Student Document Dropbox.
      Female student in pink shirt walking in front of Campus Building
    8. To access the Dropbox, the student begins by logging into myEFSC. Scroll down to the Student Document Dropbox section. Click “Choose File” and this will prompt a window to access the file location on your computer. Navigate to the file on your computer, select it and click open. You should now see the file name extension next to the “Choose File” button. Under “Send To:” click the drop down arrow for “---Select Office---“ and choose “Advising." Click upload and your file is sent to the Advising team for review. You can also watch the how-to video.
    9. The EFSC Advisor will register the student into the selected courses and will send a confirmation email to the student's Titan email address indicating the registration has been processed.
    10. If the selected course or alternatives aren’t available, or there is missing information, the EFSC advisor will contact the student via Titan email, or by phone. The EFSC advisor will be unable to register the student until the issue is resolved so it is the student's responsibility to check their Titan email and voicemail.
    11. If students want a copy of their schedule, they may print a copy by logging into myEFSC, select EFSC Titan Web > Student Services > Registration > Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule by Day and Time.