6:15 PM, Monday Update: In anticipation of Hurricane Ian’s expected impact on Brevard County, all EFSC classes, including online courses, will be canceled on Wednesday, Sept. 28, Thursday, Sept. 29 and Friday, Sept. 30. All EFSC Campuses will be closed, and all events canceled as well, from Wednesday through Friday. Students should contact their instructors for questions about the impact on class assignments. EFSC Campuses will be open tomorrow, Sept. 27 for normal operations and all Tuesday classes will take place as scheduled. Review hurricane preparation tips. Brevard County will distribute sandbags on EFSC's Palm Bay Campus in the north parking lot from 8 AM to 6 PM Tuesday, which could impact traffic patterns. View our Student Services Guide for more information about on-campus and virtual student services. Updates will be shared here and via email, text and social media as needed.

Free online tutoring available

Online, third-party tutoring is available to EFSC students via Using the Internet to connect students with professional educators, SMARTHINKING has online tutoring, writing services and homework help for EFSC students.

Tutors are available up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a variety of subjects. Tutoring hours available for each EFSC student are limited in number, but do provide an extra boost in addtion to EFSC's other tutoring services available through our Academic Success Centers.

As of January 2022, logging in to Smarthinking is now connected to an EFSC student's Titan Single Sign On. Smarthinking may also be accessible through a Canvas online classroom if enabled by the instructor.


Smarthinking Resources

Smarthinking Help Center/Frequently Asked Questions

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Smarthinking Subjects Available

Native Spanish-Speaker Resources

Smarthinking offers tutoring for mathematics and writing in Spanish for native Spanish speakers.

In addition to providing tutoring in course content areas, Smarthinking also provides English-language learners (ELL) with online learning opportunities that focus on language acquisition skills. Smarthinking offers three free online sessions for English-language learners (ELL). Daily scheduled sessions with audio are available in the following areas after an EFSC student logs into Smarthinking:

  • Conversation Practice
  • Language Skills
  • Academic Writing 

The acquisition of these important skills will assist the ELL population in their ability to access the content more readily in their EFSC courses. While all Smarthinking writing tutors are well-qualified to assist English-language learners in their drop-in live service, ELL specialists will staff these scheduled sessions.

Watch this short video tutorial for details on how to schedule sessions with Smarthinking.