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Teacher Notification Process

Teacher Notifications (TN) related to student accommodations at Eastern Florida State College are never sent automatically. All students with approved accommodations through Student Access for Improved Learning (SAIL) are required to request, in writing, that their TNs be sent out each semester. The written request can be done by sending an email to an access specialist listed below through your Titan email or by stopping into any SAIL office and filling out a short form.

Here are some things to keep in mind when making your request:
  • Make the TN request as soon as possible! This gives your instructor time to prepare accordingly and it gives you the opportunity to follow up with your instructor prior to the start of class.
  • Even if you don’t think you will use your accommodations, we recommend you have SAIL send the TNs. This way the instructor is informed and if at any point during the term you decide to use the accommodations, the notice is already in place.
  • In addition to having the TN sent, you need to inform your instructor that you will be utilizing your accommodations. Some people have accommodations that they do not want to use in every class, therefore a face-to-face conversation with or an email to your instructor as a follow up is important. You can use a copy of your TN as talking points.
  • If you have your TNs sent but do not utilize your accommodations until later in the semester, please keep in mind that your instructors need ample time to prepare for certain accommodations such as testing accommodations, enlarged print, etc.
  • When making your request in writing, please list which instructors you want your TNs sent to. You can say “please send to all my instructors” or if you do not want all of your instructors to receive the notifications you must specifically list which instructors the notification should be sent to.
  • Don’t forget to include your name and B# when sending your request via email
Teacher Notification emails can be sent to any of the following Access Specialists:

Lynn Dallas:

Jessica Dillow:

Emily Magee:

Rachel Clemons:


SAIL Offices


Please also see the contact information box on the SAIL landing page for important details on virtual and in-person services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cocoa: Bldg 11, Room 147
321-433-7295 or 321-433-7297
Fax: 321-433-7643

Melbourne: Bldg 10, Room 118
Fax: 321-433-7643

Palm Bay: Bldg 1, Room 121
Fax: 321-433-7643

Titusville: Building 3, Room 124
(Limited Days/Hours) 321-433-7297
Fax: 321-433-7643